Defining the Global Mindset


02J96040-2Extensive research that included many conversations with internationally working business executives, academicians and students at Thunderbird School of Global Management has identifiedleaders’ ability to influence across cultures and systems unlike their own” as the Global Mindset ®. Today, we can measure and develop an individual’s Global Mindset® levels by utilizing the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI®), a tool validated in 62 countries and correlated with independent people, thought, results and personal leadership indicators.


Based on this model, three major areas affect your success in global leadership:


  • Intellectual Capital: your capacity to understand how your business works on a global level


  • Psychological Capital: your receptiveness to new ideas and experiences


  • Social Capital: your ability to build trusting relationships with people who are different from you


In the Harvard Business Review Article “Making it Overseas”, Prof Mansour Javidan, the Director of the Global Mindset Institute reported that students in Thunderbird programs improved their Intellectual Capital by 36% and their Psychological Capital by 5%.

Stay tuned for tips on improving your Global Mindset levels in the next few weeks.

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