“Our partnership with StrategicStraits helped our organization develop an innovation and growth system that started producing immediate results, and we signed up for a long-term collaboration with this unique consulting firm to pursue our vision with the energy and speed we gained right from the beginning of our collaboration.”

Howard Beasey
President and CEO
American Turkish Council “ATC”


“We learned that there is no right or wrong regarding cultural preferences and that’s important when working internationally. Cultures are rooted in the shared experiences of people and develop for very good reasons.  What’s most important is to become more self aware, make an effort to understand others’ cultures, bond through similarities, and continue building trust by developing a repertoire of language and behavior to bridge differences and connect.”

Veta Richardson
CEO and President
Association of Corporate Counsel


“The Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) International has hired Şirin Köprücü on numerous occasions to provide professional development sessions for its members. She immediately gathers the audience’s attention, and is able to keep them engaged the entire time. If you’re looking for someone to provide a superb leadership skills training course for members and/or employees, contact Şirin Köprücü.”

Jay Snyder
Manager of the Volunteer Programs
Association of School Business Officials International


“Absolutely excellent workshop! Given the time restraint it was amazingly full of content.”

Anne Schmitz
Executive Director
ECDC at NIH, U.S. Departments of HHS and ED and U.S. Department of State


“Cultural awareness and competence is more important than ever in today’s global world. Şirin’s presentation at our annual meeting was very informative in terms of how America’s changing demographic profile and the qualification requirements of the 21st Century workforce may affect the effectiveness of school operations and performance. It is important for schools and families to address any cultural differences that may exist in their relationships and lead the students to a better future together.”

Shirley Broz
Executive Director of Finance
Rockwood School District, Missouri


“Şirin helped us create our strategy and training modules for developing cultural competence among the Friends of the Kennedy Center volunteers. She continues to assist us with promoting the concept of arts volunteerism globally. Sirin’s passion for the Friends work as volunteers for the national cultural center continues to energize all of us to do even more to encourage others regarding our vision of celebrating and connecting cultures through arts volunteerism.”

Brooks Boeke
Manager of the Friends Program
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


“Sirin’s presentation was insightful, thought provoking and professionally delivered. We especially enjoyed her examples about different ways of doing business across different cultures and countries. Her exercises helped reinforce the learning objectives and they allowed us to learn how we could operate in foreign business environments.”

J. William Hudson
President and CEO
Global Cold Chain Alliance