The Global Mindset®

The Global Mindset® of Thunderbird School of Global Management is an extensively researched leadership concept that is correlated with enhanced “thought leadership”, “results leadership”, “people leadership” and “personal leadership”.

Complete Global Mindset Insight to explore if your organization would benefit from developing a global mindset.

We define the Global Mindset® as the set of individual qualities and attributes that help a manager influence individuals, groups and organizations who are from other parts of the world.

We measure the Global Mindset® with the Global Mindset Inventory® as a self-assessment as well as a 360-degree tool.

We develop the Global Mindset® with experiential and coaching methodologies.

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GlobeSmart® is an interactive web tool powered by Aperian Global, and provides global business and cultural information on more than 70 countries and engages more than 700,000 users. Similar to the Global Mindset Inventory, it is not only a professional development tool but also an ongoing research that continues providing us with invaluable information about our ways of doing business around the world.

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