“Which brand comes to your mind when you hear the words coffee, olive oil, fruits, computer, adventure, towels, clothing, quality, unique, affordable, convenient, precision, partner, resource?”

Brands known to consumers compete for choice and loyalty in their minds. Successful brands develop strong emotional connection and are memorable, appealing, purposeful, engaging and in for the long term.

Why Brand?

Well-managed brands build and maintain trust. Research shows that brands

  • drive sales growth by attracting new customers faster
  • justify premium pricing
  • contribute to strong financial performance
  • create barriers to market entry
  • develop reservoirs of goodwill helpful in crisis response
  • establish a form of insurance in economic downturns through customer loyalty
  • form new business partnerships as a brand can attract tourism to the home country as well as foreign markets

Global Minded Brands

Global minded brands have clear brand identities, strive to build relationships and find innovative ways to achieve this goal. Successful brand characteristics are:

  • memorable name
  • appealing look and feel
  • clear brand essence and brand promise
  • story telling about the brand’s history and values rooted in people’s experiences
  • eagerness to share and engage in innovative ways
  • the ability to connect with consumers and stakeholders
  • focus on building trust and reputation with cultural awareness

End-to-End Solutions for Brands Crossing Borders

  • Is your organization planning to market a brand outside its home market?
  • Do you know what makes the brand successful in its home market? How well can the brand connect with unmet needs in other markets?
  • What are cultural differences marketers will need to overcome?
  • How can marketers bridge these differences?
  • What is the investment needed to enter a new market successfully?

An initial facilitated planning session with expert consultants helps identify the need for further research to assist you in designing a market entry path to faster brand recognition and loyalty in new markets. Developing this path consists of a four-step process that includes research, strategizing, implementing and evaluating, and helps avoid market failure and the cost of market withdrawal.

“Invest in and Lead” with a “Brand Management Culture”

Marketing guru David Aaker says “until everyone from your CEO to your receptionist can accurately and consistently articulate your brand’s promise, how do you expect your customers to?”

If your brand promise is representative of your company’s competitive advantage (and it should be), developing a strong brand management culture is essential. A strong brand management culture will engage everybody in your brand’s value chain and turn them into support agents for your brand promise as well as the customer experience, enhancing your organization’s competitive advantage. Considering the complexity of the value chain in today’s globalizing world, developing a strong brand management culture and engaging every single person in delivering the promise and experience has become as important as the product related efforts for developing customer loyalty. We will assist you in developing, communicating and evaluating your brand management culture to enable your brand to live up to its highest potential.