“If you can’t write your idea on the back of your business card then you don’t have a clear idea.  If you don’t know where to go then it doesn’t matter which path you take.”

This is a risky state of mind when you want to grow your business in different countries and globally, invest in continuous growth, and build and maintain a strong reputation in addition to being a profitable business. Strategic thinking is essential for being able to build trust with external and internal stakeholders, and for sustained economic growth.


Trust Grows With Integrity And Emotional Connection

Organizations that develop a strong international presence and global role can demonstrate clearly

– the value of their offering for customers and stakeholders

– the commitment of the entire value chain to the promise of the organization

– the enthusiasm of the organization for connecting with and learn from customers, communities and societies

– the global mindset of the organization and its leaders’ ability to work across geographies, systems and cultures

– the organization’s understanding of local market conditions and a desire to integrate different perspectives


Wanting To Invest and Grow in the U.S.?

Contact us at to learn about our “Local U.S. Associate Program”.  This program will help you gain a U.S. associate on your market entry team. 


End-to-End Solutions for Global Business Growth

How do you evaluate and execute innovative business growth initiatives including new market thoughts in your organization? Market entry is a type of global innovation.

Utilize our “Sketch Your Business Story” exercise that helps our clients screen new business ideas in a quick, low cost and meaningful way. This exercise is also the first step in a six-phase innovation process which is designed to initiate a trustful innovation culture and enable a market entry planning system called “the innovation and growth system” in your organization with only a small effort and investment.  We can help you evaluate business ideas, develop your market entry plan and formulate communications strategies to achieve your goals.

Our six-phase innovation/market entry process lowers risk of failure and helps enter new markets in a fast, efficient and lasting way. The phases are

  • Sketch your business story
  • Create your base business model
  • Develop an innovator business model
  • Explore customer/stakeholder judgment and decision making
  • Build a systems strategy and identify operational goals
  • Execute and evaluate

Way of collaboration: we like to become part of your team but can also contribute to your efforts via project work.

Email to request an online presentation about this innovation process that can be effectively applied to market entry initiatives. We look forward to helping you grow your business with confidence and finesse in different market conditions. We encourage small businesses to inquire about our small business solutions.