StrategicStraits, Inc. is your business partner in transforming your organization into a global-minded organization and growing your brand in new markets with confidence and finesse.


FOUNDER’S PROFILE Şirin Köprücü is the founder of StrategicStraits, Inc. and an international business trainer/consultant with over 15 years of work experience who specializes in helping internationally growing organizations enter new markets in fast, efficient and lasting ways. With expert business partners, Şirin helps organizations build their “innovation and growth system” supported by their unique value proposition, the optimum business model for their … Read More

StrategicStraits, Inc. is your business partner in transforming your organization into a global-minded organization and growing your brand across borders with confidence and finesse.  The strategic straits in international business are: • leadership • organizational culture • customer focus We partner with industry experts and talented professionals to help our clients bridge these international business straits by developing a global … Read More

Global Mindset Development The Najafi Global Mindset® Institute is aligned with Thunderbird University of Global Management and operates to define, measure and develop today’s global mindset. StrategicStraits Inc., partners with the Institute to conduct and debrief Global Mindset® assessments in workshops and coaching sessions.   Global Talent Development Founded in 1990, Aperian Global provides consulting, training, and web tools for … Read More

Richard O’Sullivan is the principal and founder of Change Management Solutions a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations identify, understand, and harness the forces reshaping their markets by examining the economic, social, political, and technological “game changers” that are usually off most organizations’ radar. For a description of how Change Management Solutions’ services help organizations facing profound change visit www.harnesschange.net. … Read More

“Our partnership with StrategicStraits helped our organization develop an innovation and growth system that started producing immediate results, and we signed up for a long-term collaboration with this unique consulting firm to pursue our vision with the energy and speed we gained right from the beginning of our collaboration.” Howard Beasey President and CEO American Turkish Council “ATC”   “We … Read More

SPX Ketchum Hilton Worldwide Novartis-Turkey American Turkish Council Make-A-Wish® International Association of Corporate Counsel Entrepreneurs’ Organization International Movers Association Association of School Business Officials International Global Cold Chain Alliance American Society of Association Executives Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Arnold Porter LLP Executive Child Development Center Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Government of District of Columbia CDC … Read More

Support the Arts for Effective Intercultural Communication and Understanding Şirin Köprücü, the founder of StrategicStraits, Inc., is passionate about supporting performing arts and furthering arts volunteerism around the world. Common interests can connect people from very different backgrounds. The arts field gives us the opportunity to express ourselves freely and in a way that may be easier to understand for … Read More