Global Mindset

When organizations want to do business and operate in different countries, they need business leaders with a new mindset. Thunderbird School of Global Management has identified this mindset as the Global Mindset®.

The Global Mindset®

The Global Mindset® is a set of individual characteristics that help global leaders better influence individuals, groups, organizations and systems unlike his or her own.

The Global Mindset

Why is the Global Mindset essential for Internationally Growing Organizations?

  • High Global Mindset® capitals can improve the results, creativity and trust-building capacity in internationally growing organizations.
    • Global Mindset® skills are correlated with performance indicators like thought leadership, results leadership, people leadership and personal leadership.
  • We can measure the Global Mindset®.
    • We can use the Global Mindset Inventory® (GMI) to measure the Global Mindset® levels of an individual.
  • We can develop the Global Mindset®.
    • We engage many fun and confidence-awakening ways of developing the Global Mindset® that put the individual into the driver’s seat for his/her development.


Core Global Mindset Programs

Introduction to Global Mindset®

While we work in a globalized and interconnected world, cultures, countries and people are still very different across the globe — particularly in a business context. The Global Mindset® is a set of scientifically identified leadership attributes that help individuals influence people from cultures, organizations and systems unlike their own. This leadership concept is positively corelated with independent success indicators for people, results, thought and personal leadership, and validated in 62 countries.

Are you aware of your strength and development areas in the international business field? Could you be more confident when doing business across international markets? This two-hour workshop helps attendees gain an understanding of the skills and attributes necessary to succeed when working across markets and cultures. Attributes in all three global mindset areas are assessed, evaluated and debriefed. Participants then leave the session with an action plan to develop their growth areas and fully leverage their strengths – on their way to higher levels of global mindset.

The completion of a brief online survey is required prior to attending this workshop.

Leading your Business in a Globalized Economy

Would you like to prepare for lasting business and success in the next decade? At the end of this ninety-minute workshop, participants learn to identify global trends relevant to their business and apply strategic skills to work with confidence in light of these trends.

Business Modeling in a Globalized Economy

How does globalization affect your current business model?  In this workshop, participants review international business stories to understand which factors may impact their current business model and the discussions they need to have to work internationally with confidence.

Cultural Awareness

What is culture and how does it impact business conduct?  At the end of this two-hour workshop, participants leave the room with a deep understanding of the culture factor in business and an increased behavioral repertoire to relate to individuals from different cultures. Participants need to complete a brief online survey prior to attending this workshop.

Global Team Excellence

Are your team members, co-workers or strategic partners located in different parts of the world?  Heterogeneous teams outperform homogenous teams when the team leader leads with a global mindset.  The team performance improves with informed team members.  Attend/hold this workshop to set your global team up for success.

Diversity and Inclusion

How do you define diversity in your organization?  What does inclusion mean?  Attend/hold this workshop to boost your organization’s creative capacity and trust levels.

Managing Conflict with a Global Mindset®

How do you define diversity in your organization?  What does inclusion mean?  Attend/hold this workshop to boost your organization’s creative capacity and trust levels.

F2F & Virtual Global Business Management Skills Workshops

These two-hour workshops can have custom designed themes such as “building relationships” and “communicating effectively.” Contact us at to request a topic.

We also facilitate online executive education courses designed by Thunderbird School of Global Management. Please review our events page to identify the best course opportunity for you or your team and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  To receive a 10% discount on registration sign up for StrategicStraits Quarterly on our home page.

Market Entry Workshop

A successful market entry strategy requires understanding the customer, developing a unique value proposition, and building an organizational identity with clear values, mission and vision. These attributes are critical to shaping company products and activities, and communicating effectively with customers and key stakeholders. In this workshop, participants will

  • gain an understanding of the “culture factor” and the importance of “strategic thinking” in business
  • learn how an organizational “innovation and growth system” mentality leads to lasting market entry
  • identify information gaps for critical decision making when planning for market entry


Global Business Performance/Leadership Coaching Sessions

The purpose of these coaching sessions is to help internationally and globally working professionals develop global awareness, seize opportunities and solve problems.


Custom Designed Workshops

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Custom Design Workshop Request

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For Schools and Institutions of Higher Education

Explore this section to find resources for developing a global mindset in learning environments for children and institutions of higher education.