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When organizations want to do business and operate in different countries, they need business leaders with a new mindset. Thunderbird School of Global Management has identified this mindset as the Global Mindset®. The Global Mindset® The Global Mindset® is a set of individual characteristics that help global leaders better influence individuals, groups, organizations and systems unlike his or her own. … Read More

CULTURE CURIOUS GLOBAL MINDS – the official community blog site of StrategicStraits, Inc. The Culture Curious Global Minds Blog is a site where internationally working professionals meet, learn and create together. We created this site as a complimentary learning opportunity in addition to the Culture Curious Global Minds Linked-in Group. Click here to join the Linked-in Group. For weekly Turkey/U.S. Bilateral … Read More

“If you can’t write your idea on the back of your business card then you don’t have a clear idea.  If you don’t know where to go then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” This is a risky state of mind when you want to grow your business in different countries and globally, invest in continuous growth, and build … Read More

“Which brand comes to your mind when you hear the words coffee, olive oil, fruits, computer, adventure, towels, clothing, quality, unique, affordable, convenient, precision, partner, resource?” Brands known to consumers compete for choice and loyalty in their minds. Successful brands develop strong emotional connection and are memorable, appealing, purposeful, engaging and in for the long term. Why Brand? Well-managed brands … Read More

The Global Mindset® The Global Mindset® of Thunderbird School of Global Management is an extensively researched leadership concept that is correlated with enhanced “thought leadership”, “results leadership”, “people leadership” and “personal leadership”. Complete Global Mindset Insight to explore if your organization would benefit from developing a global mindset. We define the Global Mindset® as the set of individual qualities and … Read More

GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY Contact us at to join Culture Curious Global Minds, a Linked-in Group for the International Business Community. COST OF IGNORING THE CULTURE FACTOR Click here to gain an overview about the various costs that can be associated with ignoring the culture factor. PERSPECTIVES – ARTICLES Fostering a Global Mindset Focus on Turkey How to Hire for … Read More