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  • Daniel lafontaine |

    A piece of advice after living in Korea for many years is an axiom that needs to be adapted to the Korean experience in particular but I wonder if it is true in other cultures and to what extent.

    I think that in most if not all societies, there is the idea that you should treat others as others treat themselves. In Korea, especially for a foreigner, the idea needs to be focused. The better saying in Korea is: Don’t expect to be treated any better than Koreans treat themselves.

    You do a small thing for a Korean and they’re grateful. If you expect it in return, oh oh. An example is when I offered to help someone’s friend by filling in for an employee since the employee decided not to come to Korea. As a new business in Korea, it must go off without a hitch from the beginning or it is doomed to failure since competition is stiff. I filled in for a month. A while later, I asked that same person to help one of my customers expecting a decent rate but found out later it was far from it. When I asked about the rate and how I helped her, she said, “You were nice to me and thank you. I don’t have to do the same.”

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