Trustworthy in Rome, Rio, or Riyadh


Trustworthy in Rome, Rio, or Riyadh

By Sirin Koprucu
Published in Global Link, November 2007

International business professionals realize early in their careers the importance of building and maintaining trust with people from other cultures. Being able to establish trustworthy relationships is a prerequisite for effective and smooth business communications, a great way of avoiding or dealing with conflicts, an important skill in managing international marketing efforts, and, finally, a global management competency. International professionals also realize that trust is strongly influenced by culture and cultural understanding. For instance, competency, benevolence, and integrity are universally appreciated leadership qualities, but how these qualities are enacted and perceived change from culture to culture.1 Therefore, international professionals with a strong sense of cultural understanding will be more confident in their business transactions and come across as much more trustworthy than their colleagues who don’t get a chance to develop cultural competency.

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