Global Business Partnerships

Global Mindset Development

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The Najafi Global Mindset® Institute is aligned with Thunderbird University of Global Management and operates to define, measure and develop today’s global mindset. StrategicStraits Inc., partners with the Institute to conduct and debrief Global Mindset® assessments in workshops and coaching sessions.


Global Talent Development

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Founded in 1990, Aperian Global provides consulting, training, and web tools for global talent development. Over the last year, Aperian Global has partnered with clients in more than 85 countries, delivered 2,150 training workshops in 25 languages, lincensed GlobeSmart – a tool with over 700,000 users – to 125 organizations worldwide and provided global solutions, including consulting, design and delivery to one third of Global Fortune 100 organizations.


New Market Entry


Edelman PERISCOPE helps companies research, understand, enter and communicate in complex foreign markets.