Arts–A Global Connector!

Support the Arts for Effective Intercultural Communication and Understanding

Şirin Köprücü, the founder of StrategicStraits, Inc., is passionate about supporting performing arts and furthering arts volunteerism around the world. Common interests can connect people from very different backgrounds. The arts field gives us the opportunity to express ourselves freely and in a way that may be easier to understand for somebody from a different culture.

We invite you to supporting the arts and arts volunteerism wherever you are and to sharing your experiences with us. Soon we hope to list arts organizations that improve the quality of life of the communities they serve and also educate the world about their communities. Feel free to contact us with arts center management and arts volunteerism questions. We will put you in touch with experienced professionals in the field.

Visit the Volunteerism Site of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to contribute with your expertise to an arts center that stages many affordable international performances throughout the year and brings together people from different backgrounds for the love of arts.