Share in Very Traditional Ways and Connect


As we prepare for 2019, I wish all friends and colleagues many opportunities to share with family, friends and colleagues.

Sharing is a powerful word in today’s business world. We share and connect on social media multiple times a day. We use shared business platforms multiple times a day to get things done faster and more efficiently (as users and professionals across sectors).

The wisdom of sharing is being rediscovered in the 21st Century but its oldest forms of use may still be the most effective and productive.

Fun…love…learning…understanding…resilience…curiosity…inspiration…more love…trust…creativity…

These are the treasures I got from a recent multicultural potluck dinner. We celebrated different cultures around the world. We shared and connected with our immense interest in different cultures. We listened to personal stories of tension, comfort, courage and joy while enjoying food prepared or offered by the storytellers. In the end, we left “not as one person” but enriched through “many in one”.

Sharing food and stories connect people at very personal levels and can result in very transformative experiences and new paths.

This connection is invaluable for leadership and global or cross-cultural leadership.

So, while wishing health, success and prosperity might be the one sentence I could write here I am writing more to wish many opportunities to connect with families, friends and colleagues as we say bye to 2018 and hi to 2019!

Note: this post is dedicated to the Washington, DC Chapter of the Society of Intercultural Education,Training and Research (SIETAR).  Please check out the wonderful new website.

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