Enhance your Psychological Capital with your Intellectual Capital


Bosporus straits 2Did the title of this blog post sound like “support the green Lego piece with the blue Lego piece?”

This is not what we intended. However, learning to engage in international business with vision, confidence and finesse has become easier with the Global Mindset® concept developed by Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Past posts hopefully give you a good overview of this leadership concept. Please feel free to email us at info@strategicstraitsinc.com with any questions you may have.

Today’s focus is on the Intellectual Capital component of the Mindset. As previously posted, the Intellectual Capital is your capacity to understand how your business works on a global level.

Often times, business professionals don’t even think of expanding in a foreign market because they have not much familiarity with this market. This limits their receptiveness to such new experiences (the Psychological Capital) which is critical to identifying the international potential of a business and its ability to grow strategically.

However, the “good news” is that there are a lot of great resources out there that can help you increase your knowledge of foreign markets, cultures, business partners, competitors and customers.

For instance, tomorrow, Sirin Koprucu will be moderating “Moving Forward in Waste Management with Innovative Thinking, a webinar hosted by the American Turkish Council (ATC).

Did your industry knowledge or recent conversations with business partners get you curious about Turkey? The U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Turkey offer great resources to businesses wanting to grow in the Turkish market.

Similarly, Export.gov and SelectUSA in addition to your state and local trade offices/associations can offer great knowledge and help expand your network leading to even greater information.

Last but not least, our familiarity and confidence levels increase in very comfortable ways through daily activities such as visiting an ethnic restaurant or a related exhibit/presentation. If you are in Washington, DC it’s Turkish Restaurant Week. Check it out, (perhaps chat with waiters and other guests) and enjoy!

Stay tuned for tips on improving your Global Mindset levels in the next few weeks.

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